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New project Note-to-self

I've been toying with a while getting a new Tarot deck to really jumpstart my new path- but I can't really find any deck that really calls to me and makes me say "I want that deck!"

The closest deck that I liked was the Witch's Tarot, but it still doesn't feel comepletely right.

more and more it's starting to look like I need to start looking into creating my own deck.

Too bad I can't draw! LOL

So many ideas, so little time

I love it when I'm in the home stretch of finishing a novel- and the writing gremlins decide that they want to throw more novel ideas at me, which is VERY distracting!

With that said, here is a list of current (and future) projects- Note that unless otherwise stated, the names are working titles and may be changed:

Current projects

Planes of Altra trilogy (Might turn into a series later)- Lesbian Scifi/fantasy genre:

Enforcers of Altra (I have 20 chapters DONE and have ten more to go- really hoping to finish this by the end of the month)

Rebels of Altra (I got a jump on starting this one, but trying to focus on the first one)

Systems of Altra (Planning that one out)

Future projects

Empire of Balance- six book series (lesbian Scifi/fantasy)

Rise of the Nephilim- trillogy or series (scifi fantasy)

Secrets of Camelot- trilogy or series (lesbian victorian (?) romance)

Kingdom of Succubi- uncertain- (modern lesbian fantasy)

and more to come...

cool new (to me) show

Okay, I admit it, I was bored. I hit a creative roadblock with my projects, so I decided to see if there were any lesbian TV shows that might amuse me.

The one I found was called Orange Is the New Black. Actually it wasn't too bad. Granted, nothing like Xena Warrior princess- but it's enough that I bookmarked it because I'm curious about season 2. I might also look into the L word and see what else I can find.

Michigan renaissance festival countdown!

Okay, I'm really really excited! I love the Michigan renaissance festival. I'm aiming to go to the 'Highland Fling!' weekend on the 24th of August (which is two days before my birthday- speaking of which, I cannot believe I'll be 28 years old... doesn't feel like it). My second choice would be the 'Wonders of the World!' event which is September 6th. However, I'm really pushing hard for the 'Highland Fling' because I love Celtic stuff.

I love working on my projects- but all the good shows on TV are either ending or got canceled- so I think the Michigan renaissance festival will be a lot of fun, and a cool birthday present to myself. I hope my person will be able to take me, or I will be really pissed off!  

How sad

I just learned that they shut down one of my favorite computer MMORPGs.

R.I.P Luna Online...

On another note, I'm going to regret this- but since I really need more inspiration I decided to re-download Fiesta Online. Just hope I don't get sucked in all over again playing it!

too bad, I loved Luna... :(

An interesting whim...

This feels like Déjà vu...

I've lost count of how many times I've created a Livejournal Account for one reason or another, only to delete it after I loose interest later on. However, last night (well, actually, around 1AM) I was for some inexplicable reason that I cannot explain driven to create this account.


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